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Q. I would like to come and train but I am very unfit and am worried I won't be able to keep up?

A. There is no better way to increase your level of fitness than by coming and training! We understand that everyone has their own limits and will push you but at the same time it's not a competition so if your struggling then you simply take a breather.


Q. I'd like to try your class but I think I need to lose some weight first?

A. The only way you will lose that weight is to reduce your calorie intake with a healthy diet plan and to get more exercise! We can provide that exercise for you in a fun sociable environment and can give you idea's for sensible eating.


Q. I've always fancied trying Kickboxing, but my flexibility is not very good so don't think I could do them kicks?

A. We have seen many students over the years with the same doubts over their flexibility! We have also seen these same students being amazed at how flexible and supple they are now after training in our classes performing our stretching and exercise drills! The human body is an amazing thing and will adapt to whatever stresses you put on it. Every lesson you will perform gentle stretching exercises after a good warm up and before you know it you will be performing high kicks like a pro!


Q. I would like to train with you but don't want to be tied in to an expensive contract like so many gyms and Martial Arts Clubs these days?

A. We operate a simple pay as you go scheme with prices starting as low as £3.50 per hour class! Plus your first lesson is completely FREE!


Q. I would love to try kickboxing and to lose some weight but I'm so busy I don't have time?

A. The world is a very busy place these days, however your health should take priority and be your number one concern. Try and look at ways of managing your time better or maybe a better choice for you would be Personal Training to fit in with your busy lifestyle.


Q. I don't have any training clothes or trainers to wear?

A. All you need to wear initially is something comfy and unrestrictive i.e leggings, tracksuit bottoms, shorts and a vest top or t shirt. We train bare feet so you don't need to worry about expensive trainers.


Q. I want to get in shape and kickboxing sounds fun but I don't want to fight anyone or get hurt? Do I have to fight?

A. No, sparring is completely optional so you don't have to if you don't want to. However the sparring is only semi-contact so it is very controlled and light so you are very unlikely to become injured. It is also one of the best calorie burning exercises out there!!


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