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Kickboxing Karate Taekwondo Muay Thai Self Defence Keep Fit Lose Weight

We teach a very structured syllabus of Martial Arts mainly focused around Freestyle Semi-Contact Kickboxing! It also includes Traditional Karate, the explosive hand and feet techniques of Taekwondo and Muay Thai and also ground work (Jui Jitsu)!

You will learn a variety of street self defence techniques including avoidance, posturing, distance control, pressure points and joint manipulation, open hand striking, knife and weapons defence and much much more!

We have a belt system to measure your progress with gradings on average every three to six months. Working towards your black belt is a very rewarding experience and with every belt you achieve you will feel your confidence and inner strength growing!


We don't expect you to start your classes with the ability to run marathons and will cater the training to your own individual level. We do advise you to get your GP's approval before starting if you have any doubts about your health.

Our Syllabus will start you slowly with warm ups and drills that you will be able to handle and quickly master. Our aim is to build your confidence to allow you to push yourself harder and rapidly improve your fitness level.

Getting Started

We understand that joining any new club/gym can be a very daunting experience, but remember all our members including the Instructors have been there and understand how you feel!

We operate a very fun, friendly club and as such new members quickly fit in and feel at home! For your first lesson all you need is to turn up at one of the classes wearing loose comfy clothes and to bring a drink.

Your first introductory lesson is completely FREE! You will start off with a warm up followed by some stretching to help prevent injury and also to develop your flexibility. We will then find you a partner (unless you bring one with you) who is also a beginner and then start teaching you some of the basic kicking and punching drills. We normally finish with some self defence to help cool the body back down.

Weight Loss & Muscle Tone

Our Ladies Only Kickboxing classes are the ideal solution for all your weight loss needs and will offer a natural and sustainable route to keeping your body at its ideal weight.

The kickboxing techniques and drills you will learn will rapidly increase your flexibility whilst simultaneously toning the bits you want to get in to shape, ie thighs, bums, tums, chest and arms.

We can also offer advice and support on sensible eating and can supply supplements to help you reach your goals whatever they are!

Street Self Defence

The best self defence is to avoid potentially dangerous situations, and to be switched on enough to recognise them. We will show you how to do this and will teach you the best action to take should someone try to attack you!

The techniques you will learn are designed to work even if your attacker is bigger and stronger! We will also teach you how to defend against a knife attack and will give you the confidence to protect not only yourself but the ones you love!

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